Hunter Simmons, R&M Manager and Director of Data Analytics

Gordon Technologies is happy to announce the promotion of Hunter Simmons, P.E. to R&M Manager and Director of Data Analytics.

Chris Koranek, President of Gordon Technologies, shared, “Hunter has led Gordon’s push into Big Data and the use of it to improve decision making since joining the team in 2017. This newly created role reinforces Gordon’s commitment to operational excellence and drilling optimization through MWD performance and reliability.”

Benjamin Frith, Vice President of Engineering

Gordon Technologies is happy to announce the promotion of Benjamin Frith to VP of Engineering. Ben has been with Gordon since the beginning and will oversee Engineering and Research & Development. Congratulations to Ben! We look forward to seeing how Gordon Engineering will continue to drive MWD performance and reliability through Innovation with Excellence under his leadership.


Gordon Digital

Leading the MWD digital transformation, Gordon Technologies, LLC introduces Gordon Digital. Gordon Digital accelerates the delivery of innovation, intelligence, risk mitigation, and proficiency as we reimagine the future of MWD operations. Powered by data and built for operator performance, Gordon Digital brings digital solutions to our digital oilfield.

Shock Miser™

Increase ROP and reduce shock and vibe with GT-MWD services and Gordon’s patented Shock Miser!! GT-MWD systems are fully isolated from shock and vibration, providing industry-leading reliability with high data speeds, density, and bandwidth.

GT customers utilize the Shock Miser™ to optimize their drilling programs by improving efficiency and reliability while drilling. 


Introducing GT-Tracker™ with ORBIT RSS Support :: Real-Time Data!
Transmit all your RSS health & performance indicators and confirm rapid downlinks using the new GT-Tracker™ MWD system specifically designed for RSS applications. Built on the Shock Miser™ platform, the rugged MWD system utilizes our patented pulser and PROPRIETARY DATA COMPRESSION ALGORITHMS to efficiently and effectively transmit critical RSS info without sacrificing gamma density. Our mission is to bring Innovation with Excellence in delivering accurate well placement with faster and straighter wellbores.

Azimuthal Gamma-Ray

Gordon Technologies’ Azimuthal Gamma-Ray (GT-AGR) allows Operators to confidently place their wells accurately within the target zone with the benefit of high-quality azimuthal images of the adjacent geologic bedding. Improved geo-steering decision making and wellbore placement help prevent unnecessary sliding, simplifies completions, and maximizes production. With more than 145,000 feet drilled at a 100% success rate, the GT-AGR is the only fully retrievable, high-contrast, probe-based gamma-ray imaging tool on the market!

Pressure While Drilling

Gordon Technologies’ PWD tool stores memory parameters such as Annular Pressure, Max/Min pressure in the Annulus, Drill Pipe Pressure and Max/Min pressure in the drill pipe. Annular Temperature is also stored in memory every minute. Our pressure logs assist operators in diagnosing bit failures, picking up mud motor stalls, and measuring cuttings effect on mud weight in hole. When coupled with WOB and Torque Measurements (Track 4), adjustments can be made to drill better wells. Equivalent Circulating Density for all pressures are calculated on the surface in real-time providing information about the health of the mud system while drilling.


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