Packaging And Centralization

Packaging Matters

Surviving automobile accidents is directly related to packaging. Were they wearing a seatbelt? Did the vehicle have airbags?  Drilling environments can be extremely harsh and destructive and surviving violent environmental conditions follows the same principles of surviving automobile accidents. Gordons Shock Miser technology did not just stop at the UBHO, but has been proliferated throughout the entire MWD string with proprietary packaging and shock reduction technology on every board and inside every barrel.

MWD Shock & Vibe Physics

How Studying Crash Tests Can Impact MWD Reliability


While MSE and drilling optimization programs focus on directing and optimizing the force, Gordon focuses on the elements within our control. By minimizing the mass and acceleration Gordon drastically reduces the risk of catastrophic component failures. The GT MWD system utilizes the latest lightest weight components available in all chip selections and PCB construction.

Impulse = Fᐃt

Absorbing the impact is critical. In-vehicle accidents, an abrupt momentum change of the head hitting a hard stop such as the steering wheel can be fatal. Airbags elongate the amount of time allowed for the deceleration and drastically increase survivability. The same principles are engineered into the module packaging of the GT-MWD. Inside each barrel are modules riding on a suspension system based on Shock Miser technology which isolates the components from axial, lateral, and torsion disruption. Increase survivability and increase your MWD service reliability.


Poor attempts to mitigate shock and vibration can actually increase shock and vibration amplitude. This is why you’re launched to the roof of your car at times when driving over a benign parking lot speed bump. Transmissibility describes the amount of force felt by the system in relation to the input. If a 5g shock event is experienced, and 5g is measured by the MWD, then the transmissibility is 1:1. Believe it or not, the majority of “off the shelf” shock snubbers on the market are actually amplifying the forces seen by the MWD, and at certain frequencies may experience 4x to 5x the drilling vibration. Years of industry experience and 100’s of thousands of drilling hours allow Gordon’s engineering team to optimize and tune the dampening formula preventing damaging resonance within the MWD.

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