Improve Accuracy And Reduce EOU


Dual Sensor Technology

GT-Seekeris a dual sensor system with a communication network between distributed sensor arrays. The network of sensors provides wellbore defining variables and trajectory data between survey stations for improved wellbore placement, trajectory understanding, and tortuosity characterization.

Dual Sensor Technology

Reduce Bit-to-Sensor Spacing


Reducing bit-to-sensor spacing allows operators to drastically reduce directional uncertainty when using conventional projection methods. Directional data acquired closer to the bit empowers drillers to make confident decisions based on quality data. The secondary probe provides additional survey redundancy as well as trajectory and tendency confirmation. More data does not mean more time and more money. GT-Seeker™ utilizes Gordon’s proprietary data compression algorithms to optimize MWD bandwidth and transmit critical data to surface with little to no impact on MWD flat time. When combined with Superior QC’s High-Fidelity Navigation (HiFi Nav), the system can reduce a well’s ellipse of uncertainty by 50% or more compared to conventional MSA solutions. This allows operators to safely drill wells with tighter well-to-well spacing, drill more wells on a pad, improve separation factors, and maximize acreage production. Gordon’s surface system digitizes the compressed survey data and processes through cloud-based algorithms using API connectivity and cloud-to-cloud computing. The automated process eliminates human error and allows operators to drill ahead confidently while optimizing both TVD and horizontal positioning.


  • Real-time data delivery
  • Real-time BHA tendency estimations
  • High-density wellbore trajectory calculations
  • Modeling out-performs MSA solutions
  • Real-time reducing ellipse of uncertainties by 50%

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