Data Compression

Data Compression

Data Compression

Market Leading MWD Bandwidth

Gordon’s proprietary data compression algorithms enhance the effective MWD data rates. The optimized bandwidth allows operators to monitor shock, vibration, drilling dysfunction, and other incorporated sensors like Azimuthal Gamma-Ray, Pressure While Drilling, Rotary Steerable Systems, without sacrificing critical tool face and gamma density.

More Data : Less Time

Increase Operational Efficiency and Wellbore Understanding

Most MWD systems operating on US land struggle with detection and data integrity. By pulsing at slower speeds, the signals are easier to detect and decode; yet, this leaves operators and geologists with limited data density and drilling ahead with low confidence.

Our Shock Miser, Patented Pulser, and RAID Decoding enables the GT-MWD to operate at high speeds, transmitting high-confidence and dense data for better risk avoidance and increased wellbore understanding.

By compressing data, more information can be transmitted with less pulses. Less pulses means less time. Time is money.

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