Solid State Directional Module


GT Directional Module

The Industry’s Solid State Solution

  • Patented solid-state sensor algorithms
  • 10x more robust than traditional quartz-based tech
  • Overcame technological barriers associated with solid
    state sensor technology
  • Meets ISCWSA survey accuracy standards
  • Providing advanced wellbore understanding with
    accurate live inclination, live azimuth, and shock and
    vibration algorithms


Gordon utilizes the latest technology available for pick and place manufacturing to ensure repeatability, accuracy, and scalability. Each individual component is x-rayed for quality assurance before being installed on the PCB. The automated modern manufacturing method eliminates 90% of possible human error and standardizes product expectations with repeatable precision.

Quality Assurance

Much more than a 10 pin break-out-box, the automated QA/QC inspection routine checks every single board connection and component lead for manufacturing defects. Historically, this in-circuit test was performed using a “bed of nails” test fixture, but as the mesmerizing video shows, we are redefining MWD QA/QC with world class robotics and standardizing product delivery.


Traditional quartz-based accels are expensive, heavy, and prone to failure. MEMS devices are much smaller, 10x more robust, and a fraction of the cost. So why isn’t everyone using these? MEMS devices notoriously struggle with accuracy at temperature; however, after 4 years of R&D, our scientists had a technological breakthrough and our patented algorithms now allow you to get all the benefits of solid-state technology without sacrificing the accuracy at the temperature you demand. The GT-DM contains an array of rugged sensors that are fit for purpose. The right tool for the right job.

  • 27 sensors
    • 18 accelerometers
    • 3 ruggedized magnetometers (solid-state)
    • 3 shock sensors (x,y,z)
    • 2 temperature sensors
    • 1 gyro sensor

Digital Sensor Outputs – No loss of resolution as in traditional tools when moving from an analog signal to digital in the MPU processor. 


5V Power Supply Circuitry

Ultra low noise signal conditioning

32-bit Processor

24 x 16-bit A/D Converters


A necessity in today’s drilling environments. Advanced downhole analytics with automated cradle-to-grave environmental tracking.

  • 32 Megabytes (20 days drilling)
    • Full 27-sensor array every 4 – 20 seconds
    • Gamma ray every 5 seconds
    • Real-Time Telemetry Variable recorded
    • Triggered Records (pumps on/off, voltage, shock/vibration thresholds)
  • Memory Loop when full
    • Oldest data is removed, the most recent data is always available
  • Lifetime Logs
    • Time at Temperature (10° C buckets)
    • Time at Peak Shock (histogram buckets)
    • Time at Vibration (histogram buckets)
  • Improved 10x download rate

Repair And Maintenance

The GT-DM’s 2 PCB design allows us to bring a consumer electronics approach to MWD. Gone are the days of calling in a television repair technician to repair individual components on your electronic devices. When service is needed, we replace the entire tool, zeroing out all hours on every component.

Key Takeaways

  • Accuracy (Meets Standard MWD Instrument Performance Model ISCWSA MWD Rev4)
  • Reliability – Reduced # of boards, connections, and voltage rails
  • Redundancy – 27 sensors, system automatically switches out any sensor that is bad
  • Ruggedness – Many times higher shock ratings than delicate quartz sensors
  • Length – Single chassis shorter than traditional tools
  • Real-Time Shock & Vibe – The most options available (12 unique parameters)
  • Tracking – All interactions with tools recorded automatically on a user web-portal in the HUB
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