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Well Placement Imaging Solution

Maximize production and minimize costs in unconventional wells with Gordon Technologies’ Azimuthal Gamma Ray (GT-AGR). The GT-AGR increases confidence in critical geo-steering decisions by providing high-quality logging measurements and wellbore images. The high-resolution images can aid in identifying faults, avoid unnecessary sliding and potentially costly sidetracks, and maximize reservoir contact.

Placement Is Critical

Maximize Production. Minimize Costs.

The Gordon Difference

The Azimuthal Gamma-Ray (GT-AGR) is the only fully retrievable, high-contrast gamma ray   imaging tool  on the market. The modular probe-based design features an impressive 23 to 1  front-to-back ratio. The GT-AGR provides 4 sector azimuthal images in real-time  (up to 8 sectors using data compression), and 16 sector azimuthal images from  memory. GT Azimuthal Gamma Ray enhances details of the reservoir structure, even in  low contrast formations.

Packaged using proprietary Shock Miser™ internal mounting,   the   GT-AGR’s  rugged design performs even in the harshest drilling environments. The tool can  be run in tandem with a standard 360° bulk gamma or in combination with any GT-  MWD or GT-LWD directional drilling services, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Enrich Reservoir Awareness

Increase well production with accurate geologic structural interpretations. Active boundary monitoring provides immediate insights which help improve effective completion of the target zone.

Drill To Produce

Place wells accurately with an enhanced view of the surrounding geology and reduce uncertainty and improve well placement by clearly distinguishing between formation layers with low gamma-ray contrast.

Dual Gamma Measurements

Gordon’s Azimuthal Gamma Ray is coupled with our standard bulk gamma sensor to enhance geo-steering decision-making.

Retrievable Design

  • Market-leading 23:1 Front-to-Back ratio as compared to the typical off-the-shelf 2:1
  • Optimized gamma window for improved resolution and count rates
  • Fully configurable imaging; 4 sectors real-time and 16 sectors in memory
  • Dual gamma sensors (one shielded and one unshielded) for bulk gamma redundancy  (downhole reprogrammable)
  • Operational up to 356°F (180°C) and 25,000 psi (172 MPa)
  • Data compression for improved data density in standard temperature wells up to 302°F  (150°C)
  • Retrievable in 5.25″ and 6.75” BHA collar sizes
  • High-flow, high-torque, doubled-shouldered connections
  • Can be run in tandem with the standard 360° bulk-gamma sensor
  • Live streaming data and remote monitoring in real-time


More Data. Better Drilling.

Data Compression

Gordon Technologies’ unparalleled MWD telemetry speeds and proprietary data compression are the highway for high-quality, data-dense logs. 

Data Transmission

Live-data hub access enabling remote operators and geo-steering experts to monitor live data. GT-AGR services include full support from the GT-Data Center Support Team.

Custom Software

Dedicated software with customizable color palettes and real-time logging updates will help you make the most informed geo-steering decisions on the fly

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Azimuthal Gamma-Ray increases confidence in critical geo-steering decisions by providing high-quality logging measurements and wellbore images.
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