Standard Temp MWD

Standard System

Innovating On 40 Years of MWD Engineering Expertise

Gordon Technologies’ MWD system is a faster, more robust, and more reliable MWD system than any other on the market. The GT-MWD system uses advanced technology to save operators time and money while operating in the most hostile drilling environments. The GT-MWD system continues to provide the highest performance, efficiency, and reliability in the industry by delivering technological, data-driven solutions to MWD challenges.

Reliability Is Key

Superior Design Eliminates The Potential For Error

Advanced Mechanical Design

  • Innovative module packaging allows a shorter and easier MWD tool to build and service
  • Proprietary MWD centralizers and internal shock mounting for improved life of electronic components

Advanced Electrical Design

  • Intelligent power management for an optimized battery life
  • Four circuit board design reduces the potential points of failure compared to standard eight circuit board systems

Real-Time Data Acquisition

  • Drilling dynamics; axial and lateral shock and vibration, temperature, RPM for stick-slip measurement
  • 6-axis, 6-decimal place raw survey capability for survey management
  • High quality data transmission with decoding filter ensuring downhole  communication performance
  • Optimized data management to utilize fast mud pulse data rates (up to 4 bits per second)  for high-speed logging
  • Transmits a more detectible signal than any other MWD system

The Gordon Difference

We Do MWD Differently

GT-MWD’s innovative design enhances the performance of the MWD system while also protecting it from increasingly harsh drilling environments.  The combination of the GT-Shock Miser and GT-Pulser is an evolutionary step in MWD technology because it both improves the pulse amplitude, enabling best-in-class performance in extended laterals, and preserves MWD tool health, increases expected run life and reduces unplanned trip outs.


Included Features

Shock Miser

Each module in the MWD string contains shock absorption technology which further isolates the electronics from potentially damaging shock and vibration.


Led by our patented pulser and transmitter technology, GT-MWD produces larger pulses for strong and reliable detection and is designed to operate in nearly all mud types and drilling conditions.

Surface Decoding

The most technologically advanced and effective signal detection system in the industry allows for reliable decoding of downhole data even in drilling environments with high interference.

MWD Solutions

Standard Temperature

Gordon’s best-in-class MWD system (GT-MWD) is designed to work in all North American basins and for use with all types of mud systems in applications up to 300°F (149°C).

High Temperature

Gordon’s high-temperature MWD system (HeatMiser™) features the same benefits of the GT-MWD but was specifically designed for high-temperature environments up to 374°F (190°C).

Customize Your Service

Optional Features And Functionality

Heat Miser

The Heat Miser system utilizes 190 degC MWD electronics and sensor packs, designed specifically for high-temperature environments.
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GT-Tracker™ provides real-time communication with RSS systems enabling status conditions, performance indicators, and health variables transmitted by the MWD.
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Azimuthal Gamma-Ray increases confidence in critical geo-steering decisions by providing high-quality logging measurements and wellbore images.
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Pressure While Drilling delivers real-time and memory parameters and assists in diagnosing bit failures, picking up mud motor stalls, measuring the effects of mud weight in hole.
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