Surface Decoding

Surface Decoder

Surface Software Technology

Signal Detection

Surface Decoder And Software

Our Dual Transducer System, along with Gordon’s Noralis surface system software delivers the most technologically advanced and effective signal detection system in the industry, allowing for reliable decoding of downhole data even in drilling environments with high interference.

Unrivaled Surface Capabilities

Rig Site Data Accessible From Anywhere

Digitize Data

All rig site data is digitized and accessible in one reliable collection point. All the power you need in a single software suite.

App Access

Real-time live stream of rig data through the mobile app, allowing access at any time from anywhere.

Cloud Storage

All current and historical well data is stored on the cloud, enabling historical performance evaluation and new product testing simulations.

Push Notifications

Intelligent surface logic identifies when notable events happen at the rig site and sends SMS notifications to stakeholders.


Eliminating human error and expediting data delivery and response time through event-triggered reports.

Remote Operations

On-site capabilities are now fully available remotely. Remove a person from a location and reduce your HSE exposure.


  • Reduce rig flat time with surveys on connection
  • Turn pumps on and go to bottom
  • Data accessible from anywhere
  • Reduces failures with cradle-to-grave environmental asset tracking
  • Empowers big data aggregation and distribution


Redundant Array Of Intuitive Decoders

Gordon’s RAID Decoding deploys a suite of digital filters combined with machine learning to provide the most reliable mud pulse decoding solution on the market. While some companies try to rely on expert operators to try to optimize their decoding, Gordon Technologies has mastered the art of running over 1000 simultaneous MWD decoders, each configured for a different environment, and deployed with no manual intervention necessary.

While many of our digital filters are configured to address specific problems (based on years of field data), others are constantly adapting to match the current signal. Unlike neural networks that must be trained prior to processing data, the adaptive software filters constantly update their network real time, while decoding, in order to stay up to data with the rapid changes in pulse shape that can occur when the drill bit goes on bottom or when rotation starts.
 This allows the software to push even harder, decoding at data rates and depth previously thought to be unattainable.

Agitator Echo Filter

Agitators can be problematic for most decoding systems due to the reflections of the pulse signal or “echoes” that present themselves just like a true MWD pulse. These echoes come from reflections off the bit, agitators, dampeners, or other faces in the fluid system. Whether single or dual agitator BHAs, the GT-SD welcomes the challenge. 

All Modes At All Times

Unlike competing decoders, Gordon can decode all modes of a MWD tool simultaneously. Although MWD tools are programmed to transmit data in a specific format/mode, they can (and often do) accidentally switch modes once downhole. Gordon can detect that change immediately and automatically decode the data – eliminating the rig time that might otherwise be spent switching modes or re-configuring surface software.

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