RSS Compatible MWD System


RSS MWD With BabelFish Integration

Real-Time Communication with RSS systems enabling status conditions, performance indicators, and health variables to be transmitted by the MWD and allows shortened RSS Downlink time blocks by confirming downlink command acceptance.  GT-Tracker helps operators drill straighter wellbores through the elimination of unnecessary dog legs  and is currently compatible with SLB PowerDrive Orbit RSS system.

Reliable Data

Increased Wellbore Quality And Data Density

Data Compression

Proprietary data compression algorithms contribute to effective MWD data rates without sacrificing gamma density.

Data Transmission

Gordon’s bottom mount pulser is more reliable and robust, resulting in increased bandwidth and data speeds.

Data Transfer

Shock Miser™ mitigates shock and vibration, resulting in sustained communication and data transfer from the RSS. 


This RSS MWD with BabelFish integration utilizes Gordon’s industry-leading Shock Miser™ MWD system (GT-MWD) and proprietary and patented Pulser with fast data rates to carry RSS variables without sacrificing gamma density. In addition, Gordon’s proprietary data compression algorithms optimize MWD bandwidth, resulting in superior steerability and performance refinement through live variable telemetry. Its high signal to noise ratio ensures reliable data transfer from RSS to MWD. 

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GT-Tracker™ provides real-time communication with RSS systems enabling status conditions, performance indicators, and health variables transmitted by the MWD.
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