The Man Behind The Name


Gordon Technologies, LLC would like to introduce everyone to Frank Gordon and where the name Gordon Technologies came from.

This week we recognize the birthday and legacy of Frank Gordon, the etymology and namesake of Gordon Technologies. Frank passed in 2001 at the age of 90; yet, his legacy lives on through the company, the people, and the ethical foundation of Gordon Technologies. Frank lived on the Mississippi Delta in Concordia Parish, LA where he took CEO Terry Frith under his wing. It wasn’t uncommon to find Frank and Terry together as Frank passed along life lessons and teachings of how to live off the land, selling fish, hunting, trapping, and farming. Frank never missed an opportunity to share his keys of happiness and often preached to Terry and his siblings through the Bible and sharing his experiences with God. Only being 3 days apart, Terry and Frank often celebrated their birthdays together, so from the Gordon Team, we would like to wish Frank Gordon and Terry Frith a Happy Birthday!


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