Longest Austin Chalk Well to Date


Congratulations to GeoSouthern on drilling the longest Austin Chalk well to date in Washington County, TX. (See Post)

This record well reached a high temperature of 378°F utilizing Gordon’s Heat Miser™ MWD system.

The GT-MWD high-temperature tool offers an innovative design that greatly enhances the performance of MWD tools and also protects the equipment from demanding and harsh drilling environments. The Heat Miser™ utilizes Gordon’s industry-leading Shock Miser™ and proprietary and patented Pulser, preserving MWD tool health, increasing expected run life, and reducing unplanned trips. The patented design is an industry leader because it addresses axial, lateral, and torsional shock and vibration while withstanding the most extreme temperatures and hot hole locations. Mitigating damaging environmental exposure ensures that the operator has access to a young and healthy working fleet of assets. Learn more about the Heat Miser: HERE


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