Record : Longest Conventional Run in the United States



Ulterra stated, “Drilling a staggering three miles in the Haynesville, Comstock Resources now holds the record for the longest conventional 6.75″ run in the United States. On this run, Comstock Resources partnered with Patterson-UTI 561, Scout Drilling TechnologiesValence Drilling Fluids, and our team to drill their 6.75″ curve/lateral section of 15,844 ft., reaching target depth at an average ROP of 66.4 ft/hr. The new record was set in Harrison County, Texas, and utilized Ulterra’s 6.75″ U611S designed by Jonathon Schliem and Kyle Oldham.”

Gordon, “Reliability for the long run! Another high-temp record setting run with the GT-Heat Miser™ Extreme 190°C. The single-run, 6-3/4”, curve and lateral dominated the Haynesville elements drilling 15,844 feet in 238 hrs. Congrats to everyone involved including Scout Downhole and the GT-Field Experts David O’Connell, Zach Sandifer, Benjamin Herbert, Bradley Adams, and Gaige Thille.”

GT-Heat Miser™ :: Reliability When the Heat is On



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