Gordon Technologies Makes Eagle Ford History



Gordon is proud to be a part of the groundbreaking achievement in the Eagle Ford Shale that has set a new benchmark not only for the operator but the history of Eagle Ford. The team successfully drilled an astounding 8,623 feet in less than 24 hours, showcasing unmatched efficiency and expertise in the field.

Key Achievements:
Fastest intermediate in Eagle Ford history.
Conventional BHA delivered an average ROP of 363 ft/hr.
McMullen County, TX

Congratulations to our exceptional team and everyone involved in making this record run a reality! Special recognition to our dedicated field specialists, Joe Meuth, CPA and Russell Thomason, whose commitment and expertise played a pivotal role in this success.

This accomplishment not only reflects our commitment to excellence but also highlights our collective capability to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible through technological innovation in the oil and gas industry.

As we continue to pioneer innovation and elevate standards, we look forward to more milestones ahead. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this success and helped us make history in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale!
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