Gordon MWD

The GT-MWD System

Gordon Technologies’ MWD is a faster, more robust, and more reliable MWD system than any other on the market.  GT-MWD and GT-Shock Miser were specifically designed to address the most common points of MWD failure in today’s unconventional drilling environments, namely failures due to high temperature and high shock and vibration.  The combination of Gordon’s patented pulser and patented shock and vibration mitigation system creates a faster, more robust, and more reliable MWD system that is achieving industry-leading performance.

The Shock Miser™ is the underlying foundation of how we package everything within our tool string

Differentiating Technology

The Gordon Difference

Shock Miser™

GT-Shock Miser is a patented shock and vibration mitigation technology that reduces axial shock from excitation devices by 80%, amplifies the MWD telemetry signal by as much as 300%, filters debris from the mud system and has the highest LCM resistance in the industry.

Directional Module

Gordon’s patented Noralis directional module features best in class solid state technology inclusive of fully featured and integrated sensor electronics such as 6-axis, 6 decimal raw surveys with real-time survey corrections.

Component Packaging

Allows for 50% reduction in number of circuit boards and internal lateral and axial shock isolation and component mounting based on Shock Miser technology. The proprietary exterior centralization fins allow for an extreme wear and corrosion resistant metallurgy design.


Gordon’s patented pulser allows for faster data rates, longer battery life and industry-leading reliability.  It was designed for universal use with all mud systems and features a 200°C temperature capability.

Data Compression

Gordon’s data compression provides up to 5 bits per second data rates with industry best power efficiency.

Surface Decoding

The most technologically advanced and effective signal detection system in the industry allows for reliable decoding of downhole data even in drilling environments with high interference.

Customize Your Service

Optional Features And Functionality

Heat Miser

The Heat Miser system utilizes 190 degC MWD electronics and sensor packs, designed specifically for high-temperature environments.
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GT-Tracker™ provides real-time communication with RSS systems enabling status conditions, performance indicators, and health variables transmitted by the MWD.
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Azimuthal Gamma-Ray increases confidence in critical geo-steering decisions by providing high-quality logging measurements and wellbore images.
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Pressure While Drilling delivers real-time and memory parameters and assists in diagnosing bit failures, picking up mud motor stalls, measuring the effects of mud weight in hole.
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Unrivaled Surface Capabilities

Rig Site Data Accessible From Anywhere

Digitize Drilling Data

All rig site data is digitized and accessible in one reliable collection point. All the power you need in a single software suite.

App Access

Real-time live stream of rig data through the mobile app, allowing access at any time from anywhere.

Cloud Storage

All current and historical well data is stored on the cloud, enabling historical performance evaluation and new product testing simulations. 

Push Notifications

Intelligent surface logic identifies when notable events happen at the rig site and sends SMS notifications to stakeholders.


Eliminating human error and expediting data delivery and response time through event-triggered reports.

Remote Operations

On-site capabilities are now fully available remotely. Remove a person from a location and reduce your HSE exposure. 

Terry Frith, CEO

“In everything we do, we believe in Innovation with Excellence. We believe in thinking differently and thrive on innovating solutions to complex problems”

Chris Lapoint, COO

“We assembled the most knowledgeable industry experts from around the world and came together with a strict focus and common goal… produce the world’s best MWD system.”

Our Customer Stories

Better Service Starts Here

Over the years while building our horizontal drilling program one of our biggest obstacles was finding reliable MWD tools and minimizing MWD nonproductive time. Waiting on surveys and recycles had become the norm to the point that when we hired new personnel, they didn’t know it was possible to rotate surveys up successfully. We trialed different tools with multiple different companies, but it wasn’t until we gave Gordon an opportunity that we reached our needs. Since then we have been able to team up with Gordon to further improve our MWD tools beyond just reliability, but into new technologies. Gordon has been great to work with and is always on the leading edge of new MWD systems. We look forward to continuing the relationship we have with the team and what has yet to come. I encourage any operator to give them a chance to prove themselves and their tools.
Ryan Watson
Crownquest Drilling Manager

Permian Basin

Gordon Technologies has been a key part of our success since we opened the company in April 2019. They helped us drill over a million feet in the Delaware Basin in our first 14 months. Thank you, Gordon, for your support.
Zach Bray
Predator Directional CEO/Founder

Delaware Basin

Thank you guys for the work you and your hands did on this well. It was an excellent effort all around, and without any real hiccups we were able to deliver the well ahead of schedule and under budget in one of the deepest, hottest, and most challenging (shallow depletion) areas on our acreage. I appreciate the efforts and hope to keep this momentum rolling.
Mike Saur
Laredo Energy Drilling Engineer

Eagle Ford

Gordon MWD has ensured the reliability in tools and quality in services that our team requires. Since the transition to Gordon we have already had a measurable reduction in tool failures. We utilize multiple KPIs that take into account cost and nonproductive time associated with each vendor. Gordon is leading the way to reducing MWD related NPT. Working with Gordon’s team has been easy due to their continual communication with ours. We believe in their tools and team and that this partnership will continue to benefit everyone moving forward.
Kristen Uuk
Apache Corporation Drilling Engineer

Permian Basin

Corporate Headquarters

818 I-10 South Frontage Road, Scott, LA 70583
Phone: +1 337 233 1804
Email: info@gordontechnologiesllc.com
Monday-Friday: 7:00am - 4:30pm
24/7 Support: Contact your local representative

Operational Facility

121 Abigayles Row, Scott, LA 70583
Phone: +1 337 233 1804
Email: info@gordontechnologiesllc.com
Monday-Sunday: Open 24 hours

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