Our Innovations and Contributions to the Industry

In everything we do, we believe in Innovation with Excellence. We believe in thinking differently, and we thrive on engineering solutions to complex problems.

Our technology is specifically designed to address the most pressing needs in today’s challenging drilling environments, namely MWD failures due to high shock and vibration as well as high temperature environments.

GT and CEO, Terry Frith, have been at the forefront of MWD technology, with the vision to create a faster, more robust, and more reliable MWD system than anything currently on the market. Terry, a veteran of the MWD sector with almost 40 years of experience, holds several key patents in the sector and has developed or helped develop eight different MWD systems throughout his career. Most of Gordon’s employees are former Pathfinder personnel, which was created by the merger of Halliburton’s Pathfinder with W-H Energy Services’ Thomas MWD in 1999 and acquired by Schlumberger in 2010.

Our staff of field engineers and operations support personnel are fully certified and participate in ongoing development programs ensuring continuous personnel education, expertise and capability development. Establishing a culture of innovation and exploration has led to breaking the mold of how typical MWD service is delivered. On-site operators are fully supported by the GT-Remote Operations team located in Lafayette. The Remote Support team works alongside the Sustaining Engineering team who are constantly monitoring ways to optimize operational workflow, enhance product design, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

GT supports numerous industry associations and advocates for the many benefits our industry provides.

Gordon recognizes that everyday, and with every deployment, we have the unique opportunity to:

Focusing on the above is what is expected from a service company. But what differentiates Gordon is our approach to each job/run/application.

Every deployment is not only an opportunity to please the client and provide a service, but it’s an opportunity to learn, explore, and understand.

Every deployment introduces new environments and exposes our system to new challenges. All of this is captured in Gordon Digital.