Our Governance and Business Ethics

We at Gordon Technologies believe that strong corporate governance drives superior business performance, ensures our focus on technology and innovation and creates our desired culture deeply rooted in our Ten Core Values. All employees, regardless of location, responsibility or organizational level are expected to live these values.

Gordon Technologies is supported by the leadership and capital commitments from Pelican Energy Partners.

Pelican Energy Partners is a highly specialized private equity fund led by a group of experienced energy service professionals focused on making strategic investments in energy services and manufacturing companies.

Our goal is to provide useful and transparent information that fosters trust among our customers, investors, employees, and community. Our transparency aligns with the high expectations of these stakeholders to mitigate potential business risks.

Gordon Technologies CEO, Terry Firth, is responsible for setting the business sustainability goals and strategic decisions related to the ESG-direction of the company. Gordon Technologies President, Chris Koranek, and Chief Operating Officer, Chris LaPoint, along with the entire senior leadership team, support our sustainability strategy and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of governance and ethical behaviors to ensure compliance to our policies.

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