Our Commitment To The Environment

Gordon Technologies understands the importance of our environment for our long-term sustainability as a company and for the benefit of our stakeholders. We have implemented an Environmental Management Plan to control all potential negative environmental impacts, as well as comply with all relevant regulations and laws associated with pollution control, waste management and environmental quality.

Environmental protection policies based on regulatory requirements, customer needs and community expectations.

Design processes that reuse or recycle waste materials as opposed to the treatment and/or disposal of such wastes.

Design processes that reduce or eliminate waste that may environmentally damage land, air or water.

Assess the environmental condition of property and appropriately address possible environmental impacts caused by our operations, if any.

Ensuring employees are aware of environmental concerns, actions and responsibilities relating to our activities and promote an understanding of the business value of ecologically sustainable operations, through training and communications.

Selection of materials and products that are environmentally friendly.

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