Gordon Digital

Gordon Digital is our multidimensional advancement initiative that accelerates the delivery of innovation, intelligence, risk mitigation, and proficiency.

Digitizing the drilling data enables Gordon to reimagine data flow, find new efficiencies and collaborate in entirely new ways with our industry partners. The digitized data is also stored in our Gordon Digital data lake, where we find insight and understanding on complex issues and constraints that were previously misunderstood and even unknown.

Pushing the boundaries of drilling technology is approaching the phase where progress is becoming exponentially more difficult, and this comes at a time when failure is unacceptable. We use Gordon Digital to run virtual and physical simulations allowing GT to rapidly create, test and deploy new capabilities without creating undue risk — stimulating innovation and enhancing exploration. From the data lake, we are augmenting automation with machine learning and spawning artificial intelligence to assist in digital decision confirmation as we refine our processes and push the boundaries of what is possible with our technology.

This has been critical in the development of our high temperature and extreme environment tools that are on the forefront of cost-effective high-temperature applications and drive our technology to be suitable for geothermal applications.

The bold solution with a modern architecture that pioneered automated survey data exchange and set the new standard in 3rd party survey QC. The Digital Exchange enables Gordon to reimagine data flow and collaborate in entirely new ways with our industry partners.

Transformative maintenance program driven by data. The prescriptive and predictive analytics ensure reliability and performance on every operator’s deployment.

Integrated and flexible automation solutions driven through intelligent workflows, machine learning and digital decision support.

Gordon Digital enables digital solutions to address issues that were previously confronted using hardware products containing precious materials and powered by lithium batteries.