Gordon continues to perform in the extreme conditions of the Haynesville. In a recent deployment, the Heat Miser™ 190° Extreme MWD accomplished 13,780 feet in a single run with temperatures reaching 355° F.Congratulations to everyone involved. #MWD #Haynesville


Capitalize on the full capability of your BHA with Gordon’s GT-Tracker. Real time communication with the SLB Orbit RSS enables faster downlinks, confident positional control, and higher quality #MWD #PermianBasin

Reliability Centered Maintenance

Gordon’s Reliability Centered Maintenance reduces operator risk with cradle-to-grave environmental logging, and unique maintenance assignments and retirement schedules for every parent, child, and grandchild component of the MWD system. The data-driven maintenance strategy optimizes MWD uptime and outperforms intuition and RTF (Run to Failure) strategies designed to minimize maintenance costs.RCM>RTF #MWD #Permian #Haynesville


Maximize production and minimize costs in unconventional wells with Gordon Technologies’ Azimuthal Gamma Ray (GT-AGR). GT-AGR increases confidence in critical geo-steering decisions by providing high-quality logging measurements and wellbore images. The high-resolution images, enabled by proprietary data compression algorithms, aid in identifying faults, avoiding unnecessary sliding and costly sidetracks, and maximizing reservoir contact. #MWD #PermianBasin

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