Advanced Technology Options

MWD Customization

Optional Downhole Features And Customization

Azimuthal Gamma Ray

Increases confidence in critical geo-steering decisions by providing high-quality logging measurements and wellbore images.


Provides survey data closer to the bit and reduces the ellipse of uncertainty, giving you the tools you need to place wellbores with precision and accuracy.

Pressure While Drilling

Pressure logs assist operators in diagnosing bit failures, picking up mud motor stalls, and measuring the effects of cuttings on mud weight in hole.


Real-Time Communication with RSS systems enabling status conditions, performance indicators, and health variables to be transmitted by the MWD.

The Gordon Difference

We Do MWD Differently

Shock Miser

Each module in the MWD string contains shock absorption technology which further isolates the electronics from potentially damaging shock and vibration.


Led by our patented pulser and transmitter technology, GT-MWD produces larger pulses for strong and reliable detection and is designed to operate in nearly all mud types and drilling conditions.

Surface Decoding

The most technologically advanced and effective signal detection system in the industry allows for reliable decoding of downhole data even in drilling environments with high interference.

MWD Solutions

Standard Temperature

GT-MWD transmits a more detectible signal than any other MWD system on the market.

High Temperature

185 °C MWD Electronics and Sensor Packs, designed specifically for high-temperature environments. 

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