About Gordon Technologies

Gordon Technologies (GT) is an engineering company providing innovative new technology and services to the oil and gas drilling industry.

GT is headquartered in Scott, Louisiana with service facilities in Midland, Texas, Minot, North Dakota, Rapid City, South Dakota and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Gordon Technologies was founded in 2014 by Terry Frith and is an independent provider of Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) technology. MWD technology measures key information near the drill bit and transmits data to the surface without interrupting normal drilling operations.

Horizontal drilling requires precise measurements and information to ensure proper operation of the wells as they are being drilled. MWD aids drilling engineers with real-time information so they can make important decisions while drilling and optimizing our customers’ operations.

Gordon’s MWD systems create a faster, more robust and more reliable MWD system and are achieving best in class performance.

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